Hybrid DVR,H.265,5-in-1,16ch*4M@8FPS/16ch*5M@6FPS,16CH Playback,P2P,XMEYE APP

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Product Model: ADVR-7816L-GS
FOB Price: US$98-US$103
Min. Order: 1pc
Product Brand: IdeaCamera
OEM/ODM: Support
Warranty: 2 Years
Country of Origin: China
Certificate: CE,FCC,ROHS

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Model: ADVR-7816L-GS

Key features:

Using high performance chip (HI3531D);

16ch*4M@8FPS /16ch*5M@6FPS Video Output;

16ch video in, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI output, 8ch audio in, 1ch audio output;

Support 1 SATA HDD (Max to 6T);

Max 16ch playback, 4ch Record;

1 RJ45 Ports, 2 USB2.0 Ports, 1 HDMI Port, 1 RS485 Ports;

Offering DC12V2A Power for DVR;

Cloud network (P2P), built-in free DDNS, Cloud Storage, Wi-Fi Supported, Support UTC function, 3GDongle supported, UPNP, Digital zoom, Mobile phone surveillance, remote, mouse.

Small Case (260*43*190mm).

Remote monitoring (XMEYE Mobile App).


1 DVR, 1 manual, 1 DC12V6A Power, 1 remoter, 1 package of screw, 1 mouse, 1 CD.


Product Advantages:

Offering 2-years product warranties.

Logistics convenient.


CCC/CE/FCC Certified.

Strict product quality control.

Efficiently working with almost CCTV camera.

Lower price.

6-8 working day per order.


Product applications:

This is the best product of safety field. It and CCTV cameracablepower supplydisplayetc. Constitute a complete security system. Tts application is more extensive. Such as homesfactorieshighwaysoffice buildinggardencommunity, or a large public places, etc.


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Hybrid DVR,H.265,5-in-1,16ch*4M@8FPS/16ch*5M@6FPS,16CH Playback,P2P,XMEYE APP


Hybrid DVR,H.265,5-in-1,16ch*4M@8FPS/16ch*5M@6FPS,16CH Playback,P2P,XMEYE APP